Centerpiece Design Workshop

Get ‘luxury hotel’ vibes in your own bedroom.

About This Workshop

We’ve all seen designer beds that have the power to transform simple bedrooms into sumptuous retreats. From plush pillows to silky sheets and fluffy comforters, a beautifully fashioned bed can help you experience the ultimate in comfort and luxury for a heavenly night’s sleep.

Join Interior Decorator, Sarah Kirkpatrick, for this informative bed styling workshop. This instruction-based class will provide you with tips on creating luxurious, magazine-worthy bed stylings and give you an opportunity to view and feel a variety of materials.


This workshop will help you elevate your bedding game, transform your bedroom into a cozy sanctuary, and awaken feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. From selecting the perfect blankets and pillows to layering textures and materials, you will gain the skills and inspiration to create a dreamy oasis that’s uniquely yours.