Download our pricing estimate sheets below!

Let’s cut to the chase. When hiring an interior designer one of the first questions people ask is “what will it cost?”, Understandably! You want to know what your investment is so you can prepare for it and be sure that it is something you can afford to see through before you start putting holes in the wall.

You will find that most designers are unable to give you an answer on the spot. We are not because they are trying to be sneaky and get you signed up before revealing a magic number, it is because there are 10000 different things that play a part in coming up with a budget for a project – many of which are hidden behind the walls.

That said, I worked with my amazing vendors to put together a comprehensive pricing sheet to give you a ballpark for what things could cost depending on the quality you are looking for: Budget, mid-range, high-end, custom.


Entry-level retail
gold artwork used to compliment the wooden bed frame and side table as well as the accent wallpaper

Example: Structube, Homesense, Bouclair, Urban Barn, The Brick, Ashley Furniture, Showhome Furniture, Ikea etc).


Mid-range retail & Entry-level designer wholesale
cochrane blue wall

Example: Crate & Barrel, Restoration Hardware, Ethen Allen, EQ3, Pottery Barn, Fourhands, Sunpan, LH Imports, Made Goods


Luxury Retail & Mid-Range designer wholesale
living room design anf style with very high cielings and windows for natural light


Custom-made or Premium retail & wholesale
dining room elegance, natural wood, soft lighting

The important thing to keep in mind is that many entry-level retailers do not give special pricing (or very minimal discounts) to designers, so the price you see is the price we all pay. However, when moving into the mid-range designer wholesale price range you not only get unique items not available to the public that are exponentially better quality, you get them with discounts thanks to designer pricing – at least with us. 

As stated in my contract, I share up to 50% of my designer discount with my full design clients. These savings often offset the majority of my design fees depending on the size of the project.

I hope you find these pricing sheets helpful!

**Please note: the prices listed on the ‘Materials Pricing Sheet’ are ballparks to help you budget your project. Our pricing is not based on these numbers. These also do not include sourcing, freight, installation, or any additional hours related to design projects – they are strictly material cost estimates.


***Please note: The hours listed in the ‘Time Estimate’ sheet are also ballparks to help you budget for hiring a designer. Our pricing is not based on these numbers and each project is custom quoted by myself and a General Contractor and can change due to unforeseen circumstances. This will, however, help you decide if a designer is within your budget.