Interior Design & Decorating

Whether you just moved in and need to make a house your own, or you’ve lived in your home for years and want to fall back in love with it – hiring Unshelf Design for interior design ensures your home supports your family, impresses your friends, and hugs you when you walk into each room.

(we also do commercial redecorating!)

 Interior Design Services

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Full-Scope White Glove Interior Design

This service is for you if:

  • You are not currently working with a general contractor and reached out to us first {BLUSH} – We have a team for that.
  • You already hired a general contractor but need a design plan and want to work with a designer too, and/or you also need new furniture and decor – Teamwork makes the dream work.
  • This is an interior decorating project (no construction or GC necessary), and you need new furniture, new decor, and want that big reveal – Move that bus!

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Design Plan (Renovation-Only)

This service is for you if:

  • You already have a general contractor and only need a design plan – We don’t step on toes and can provide drawings, renderings, finishing selections, and a clear product list for your GC to purchase and implement.
  • You are doing this renovation yourself, but need a design plan and selections so it still looks like a designer home – Big undertaking! We will work together to create a design you love, and detail it all out for you so it is easy for you to take it from there.

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Consultation: $325

Full-Scope White Glove Interior Design

This is our most hands-on full-support design service and comes with all the bells and whistles. As an interior decorator I work with you from design strategy, through furnishings and construction, to implementation and final styling. This is the ‘HGTV’ of design services, complete with the big reveal!

If someone could wrap up your dream house in a box with a bow, this service would be the gift inside.

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Some of what you can expect:

  • Design Plan to improve flow, function, and aesthetics throughout the house
  • Sourcing & Selection, and installation
    • Wall/ceiling colour (a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference) 
    • Wall coverings (wallpaper is back, and it can solve all your problems)
    • Window coverings (you’ll be surprised how these will change your life)
    • Flooring (if you’re going to do it, do it right)
    • Fixtures: lighting and plumbing (the most under appreciated upgrades)
    • Furniture (we’ll use what you have first, and then fill in the blanks)
    • Soft textiles (these make a house a home)
    • Decor/accessories (the finishing touches to bring a room to life)
  • Construction & Project Coordination so you have a buffer between the trades and final product.
  • Product Management: Tracking products, ensuring delivery to your home, and unpacking and disposal of packing materials
  • Installation through our trusted vendors to ensure you recieve the quality you expect and deserve

Design Plan (Renovation-Only)

A full-scope design service isnt for everyone’s budget. Or maybe you already have a solid renovation team ready to get started but they keep asking you what colour LVP you want, if you’ve picked a paint colour, where your tile is going, and if ‘white subway tile’ is all you want (pssst. It is not!). You need an interior designer to create a customized design plan that takes all your Pinterest ideas and creates a cohesive and unified look with a strategy. You need a design plan with final selections, drawings, and renderings so your renovation team has eveyrthing they need to bring your dream to life. #goodbyerenovationburnout

If you are a General Contractor yourself, let’s talk! This is the perfect partnership for your clients

This is step 1-5 of our 15-step Interior Design Project Management Process.

  • Step 1 – Consultation (with you)
  • Step 2 – Engagement & Contract
  • Step 3 – Trade day (with your renovation company)
  • Step 4 – Design Plan Creation & Sourcing
  • Step 5 – Presentation

We work closely with you and/or or your general contractor to nail down the details of your scope and create a design plan that is not only beautiful but realistic for your space and budget. After presentaton and once any revisions have been completed, we package it up and send it over to you and your renovation partners to order and execute. This is where we leave you in their capable hands with a roadmap that is clear and concise. 

If you ever need us to step in again to take a look at things, we can always have another consultation or be hired as consultants hourly.

If your scope increases and you need new furniture and decor, we can discuss pivoting into a full-scope white glove service or supporting you via our Design Blueprint service.

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Having a personal designer, decorator, and project coordinator for your home design project is more than just beautifying your space,
it is treating yourself to a stress-free lifestyle improvement! Regardless of which of the two services you need, we always start with a discovery call (or we can jump right into the design consultation if you have that gut feeling that this is a fit!).

Need help budgeting for your interior decorating project?

We have put together overview furnishing, construction, and design hour estimates. These guides are not hard and fast numbers, but will get you started on understanding the cost of design and how to budget accordingly.