Sarah Kirkpatrick Calgary Interior Designer
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Were you expecting a joke?! Oh shoot… Ok… I don't want to let you down right off the bat! So…hmmm…

Who's there?


Paint who?

Hey, paint you an interior decorator?

Eh? Eh?

Now that we got that out of the way, that ‘knock knock’ was actually me knocking on your front door to introduce myself, step in, take off my shoes, and create beautiful spaces that inject joy into your home!

My name is Sarah Kirkpatrick and I am an interior decorator and stager in Calgary, Alberta.

I help my clients re-love their homes through my Interior Design and Decorating, or stage their homes so they can sell for more money, faster.

Unshelf Design is a Boutique Interior Decorating and Staging Studio in Calgary, Alberta

Our mission is to inject your home with joy by creating unique spaces that hug you when you walk in – spaces that showcase your most treasured items, as well as beautiful new furniture and decor that breathe new life into each room. We also LOVE a little surprise by way of a unique thrifted/antique find that gives your home soul.

Sarah Kirkpatrick at the Calgary Renovation Show

I believe you should never be the oldest ‘thing’ in your home (look around… are you?)! I thrive on curating spaces with soul by way of modern, cherished, and unique vintage/antique items with a story.

I am an avid traveler, having visited over 34 countries, and draw inspiration from various cultures and classic old-world designs. During my travels I have also stayed in over 200 AirBnB’s. This has given me insight into what gets booked, what makes for a great experience, and what earns those coveted 5 star ratings.

5 out of 5 stars

… Unshelf Design was able to come in and accommodate my short timeline, basically performing a miracle! I had no idea how much work it would be and it was a huge weight off to have a professional come in and give me help and guidance. In the end, they were able to help me declutter and depersonalize with an end result that looked amazing once we finished. My house sold in less than 48 hours and that is thanks to the incredible work done by Unshelf Design…

Allison C.

5 out of 5 stars

The ladies at Unshelf Design were AWESOME! I would gladly recommend their services to anyone, in fact I told my realtor about them and suggest he also recommend them. They did such a great job, packing, staging, and helping us make our place look amazing for showing our house when we listed it for sale.

Jamie T.

5 out of 5 stars

… Sarah brought a car-full of decor to fill and design the main rooms, from setting the dining table and bringing fresh flowers, to turning the ‘kids living room’ into an office space – which is a huge selling feature right now. She worked extremely quickly in the short window of time before the virtual tour company got there. My buyers loved the little touches and even said they’d remember some of the design tips for their next home. I loved that the home felt welcoming for potential buyers, my buyers saw how I went above and beyond for them to sell their home

Christine Versnick