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The Pricing Sheet details the cost estimates for furnishing a home, broken down by item and room. The Time Estimates Sheet estimates the design-related hours associated with key construction and design projects in a home, to help you budget for an interior designer.

**Please note: the prices listed on the ‘Materials Pricing Sheet’ are ballparks to help you budget your project. Our pricing is not based on these numbers. These also do not include sourcing, freight, installation, or any additional hours related to design projects – they are strictly material cost estimates.

***Please note: The hours listed in the ‘Time Estimate’ sheet are also ballparks to help you budget for hiring a designer. Our pricing is not based on these numbers and each project is custom quoted by myself and a General Contractor and can change due to unforeseen circumstances. This will, however, help you decide if a designer is within your budget.

Best of luck with your project and please let me know if you need any help with your residential interior design project!