Vacation/Rental Property Makeovers: Airbnb, vrbo, & rental properties

Vacation properties and rental properties are a business. And like any business you need to consider who your target audience is – your ideal renter. You also need to think about what rental price you want, because the quality of the finishes will dictate if people see enough value to pay top dollar. In a sea of white walls, laminate countertops, and ‘boob light’ light fixtures, people are looking for more to call ‘home’ – even if it is just for a night. Specialization demands higher rental prices, and the design of the suite is really the physical marketing strategy for the property.

If you are not getting what you expected for your airbnb, VRBA, or rental property, it is likely time to consider a vacation/rental property makeover for the purpose of profit.

  • Cosmetic upgrades that utilize all valuable space and add ‘wow-factor’ to increase value (share-worthiness)
  • Floor plans and furniture arrangements for the most welcoming atmosphere (most photogenic for short-term rentals)
  • Furniture & decor sourcing (with longevity in mind)
  • Styling & decorating to catch attention in the sea of online listings


The more ‘targeted’ your rental property is, the more attention it will get. These stylized properties earn more loyalty, spread through word of mouth (often through social posts by impressed renters/visitors), and garner great reviews for unique and inviting spaces. Plus, better furnishings and a great environment can offset any small issues that may arise, because their overall experience is more positive.


Initial Consultation: $175

Interior Decorating: $100/hr


  • Strategy & space planning
  • Material sourcing
  • Interior design & renovation management (cosmetic)
  • Design implementation
  • Shopping support
  • Decorating & styling
  • BONUS: Includes free look book for use in marketing and display.


  • Marketing strategy & materials
  • Welcome materials