De Winton Estate: Natural Earthy Interior Design

De Winton Estate Natural Earthy Interior Design

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to redesign a De Winton Estate, and working with the Fairfield’s has been a privilege. They are positive, grateful, trusting, understanding, and truly everything a designer could ask for in a client. And as beautiful as the images and spaces you are about to see are, know that I could not have done it without their support, unbridled joy (her), stoic optimism (him), and confidence they had in me (boosting my own). Here is to a lifelong relationship and friendship, and a stunning home unlike any other!

Join me on this detailed walkthrough of our De Winton Estate project featuring a natural, earthy, interior design inspired by nature and bringing the raw elements from the Alberta prairies indoors.

Keep an eye out for new Hunter Douglas and Lutron window treatments throughout!

De Winton Estate Entryway Design

The entryway was ‘blah’. As you will see from the before photo below, it was not the grand welcome that everyone deserves when they come home for the day. It had a crystal chandelier that did not match the style of the home, empty spaces that deserved attention, and a giant blank wall begging to be dressed up.

The entryway serves as the introduction to the home scheme – something I wanted to be very evident. I designed it to boast all of the colours (warm neutrals), metals (black and bronze), and patterns (soft, outdoorsy, raw, abstract) that we used further into the home.

What we did

The main feature of this space – the ‘living’ art, was the Venetian plaster wall. I chose a taupe/grey colour that would compliment the existing tile floor and wood. In reality, it came out a little bit more grey than the clients had hoped. This is where client trust plays a big part in our job – although they were worried, they were willing to wait until everything was installed around it to make the final decision. Once they saw the furniture and lighting in the space, it warmed up and they were very happy.

We also selected a very unique designer light fixture collection (spread through the entryway, kitchen, and dining). The globes are reminiscent of the boulders left behind by glaciers and are perfectly imperfect. For the large main chandelier I selected amber bulbs, and for the rest of the collection, I chose the off-white. All unified by style and the black metal hardware.

For styling I brought in a 5×7 rug that would fill the entry with lots of room for guests to enter, and bronze figurines, books, and a beautiful lamp. I also had a large olive tree for additional texture, height, and freshness.

Entryway Design Board

Entryway After

Entryway Before

De Winton Estate Wellness Loft Design

When you live outside the city, getting to a gym is not always the best use of your time – but health is always a priority. My client’s transformed their upstairs loft into a workspace and work-OUT space (home gym) for their daily routines. This space, although functional, was lacking the ‘wellness’ aspect in that the environment was not supporting the workout – they wanted it to feel more alive as a promotion of health.

What We Did

We started by rearranging the workout equipment and moved the big machines to the far side of the room, leaving the front side with 2 walls of windows for stretching and weights. Hooks allowed us to get rid of the bench with upper brace so that there was nothing covering the windows and blocking any part of the view. We got a lower bench that held a few hundred pounds and could support all of the weights tucked away. The shelving units beside the fireplace served as a place to keep towels, water bottles, and bike shoes in a convenient grab-and-go location.

Most importantly, though, we brought in plants. Big, small, tiny – scattered throughout the space breathing fresh air and bringing the outside in.

On the workspace side of the loft we replaced the uncomfortable dining chairs with proper rolling office chairs, and added a rug and bench against the raining as a ‘reception’ and place to sit to prepare for the workout and catch your breath after.

Wellness Loft Design Boards

Wellness Loft After

Wellness Loft Before

De Winton Estate Workstation Design

Tucked away behind closet doors in the hallway was a hidden workstation. I am a firm believer that even the smallest rooms deserve to make a big impact, and so although this workstation was only about 40 square feet, I decided to give it a full wrap. I found the most perfect wallpaper for our concept – Alberta wilderness in warm neutrals and hit every wall.

We also added up-lighting through upper cabinet strip lights to shine up and create a beautiful glow, featuring the wallpaper and height of the space so it felt bigger.

Workstation Design Board

Workstation After

Workstation Before

De Winton Estate Kitchen Design

My client wanted her kitchen to feel brighter and more modern. The home is very wood-heavy and we were tasked with finding a way to modernize it without losing the authenticity of the original hillside build.

In the end, it was decided that the kitchen modernization was too bold of a change and so instead of any painted cabinets or a plaster and wood range hood, we settled on a stunning custom stainless steel range hood to minimize at least one column of wood, but keep the rest as-is. We did change out the industrial pendant lights and replaced them with the ‘pendants from the same ‘glacier’ collection we introduced in the entry.

We did change out the appliances, updating the old counter depth fridge/freezer to a brand new Thermador set, and taking out the double oven and replacing them with a Miele oven and steam oven set.

And that chairs? Well, it was the preference that the stools not be seen above the countertop when pushed in… and they turned out to be 1 inch too tall… ONE INCH! So something similar is in the works.

Some simple minimalistic shelf and counter styling, and that was a wrap on the kitchen!

Kitchen Design Board

Kitchen 3D Renderings

Kitchen After

Kitchen Before

De Winton Estate Butlers Pantry Design

Did you know that the big pan you use to pull pizza out of the pizza oven is called a ‘Pizza Peel’? Well I do now, and it was the inspiration for this whole design.

My client’s were bored with their pantry, and for good reason. It was beige, had dust-collecting short cabinets, and no optimization. Thankfully, as soon as I walked in I had a vision. I saw that pizza peel hanging from a tac on the wall and immediately had visions of an indoor pizza oven. I wanted this pantry to be moody and striking and have the essence of family sitting around a table while fresh pizza is pulled from the oven.

What we did

To achieve this ‘outdoor pizza oven’ feeling, we installed a red brick veneer on the side wall. Originally we planned to keep the back tile as-is to save money, but after the first wall of brick was finished the clients wanted more (who could blame them!)

We also installed an oversized deep fridge to store platters, dog food, pop, and other space-eating items that didn’t need to be in the main fridge and freezer. And we built cabinetry around it so it didn’t feel like it was floating in the room. We also kept their water purifier and built a niche for it as well.

Lastly was the cabinetry. We rebuilt the upper cabinet to go all the way to the ceiling for more hidden and functional storage and added a second one to mirror it. We kept the floating shelves between them and added more on the side wall to display the majestic pizza peel and other pantry goods. These floating shelves were equipped with undercabinet lighting that creates the most beautiful glow for your morning coffee and late-night snack. We also changed out the moth-trap boob light and installed a more fitting wrought-iron chandelier for bright lunch-making light.

It is unique. It is punchy. And I am so grateful my client’s understood the vision.

Butlers Pantry Design Boards

Butlers Pantry After

Butlers Pantry Before

De Winton Estate Dining Room Design

Prepare yourself… this is the most stunning dining room redesign that may have ever graced your screen!

The client had a built-in cabinet that matched the kitchen, but only 5 feet high in a 9-foot niche. In fact, this was the exact reason the client called me originally – if you can believe it! They were having a hard time styling above this cabinet without it just looking like clutter. I am not surprised, it was an awkward space… and so I fixed that problem!

What We Did

I designed a custom cabinet that would fit right on top of their existing one and serve as a display cabinet and wine rack so it was more functional for the dining space and filled the whole niche to the ceiling – emphasizing the ceiling height.

The biggest decision the clients had to make was to keep it wood to match the kitchen or go a little bold and paint it black. When the client first came to me she had stressed how she wanted to modernize the space while staying true to the original build. Since they decided to keep the kitchen cabinets as-is, this is where I believed the modernity could kick in. They agreed after a few renderings showed the options – spoiler alert… they are VERY glad they did.

They also had an existing dining table and chairs that were wonderful with no reason to change – however, we did swap in some crown chairs at the ends of the table to soften the space and frame it in. Adding upholstered crown chairs to a matching wood dining set is such a lovely way to elevate the space easily.

And lastly, (but certainly not least) we pulled another large ‘glacier’ chandelier from the collection and updated their very glam existing chandelier with something more in line with our vision.

The after… {cue jaw-drop}!

Dining Room Design Boards

Dining Room After

Dining Room Before

De Winton Estate Living Room Design

I can’t start this section without mentioning how lucky I was to have the opportunity to work with a local artist, Tresa Gibson. Mr. Client gifted Mrs. Client a custom art piece for her birthday and they held off having it made until I was brought in to do the house so I could consult on it to be a part of the whole design plan. It was so much fun visiting the studio and going through colour pallets that would work with my design vision. I pulled a sample mountain photo from Tresa’s Instagram (not knowing it was a commission for Mr. Client’s office), and that is what we ended up landing on for our natural earthy interior design – with a twist!

What We Did

Before working on the art piece I wanted to ensure I had the rest of the living room design, so we could adjust the art as necessary. The client had a large leather sectional that would be staying and was a beautiful colour I was fortunate to work with There was also a lovely console table they had recently purchased which I was excited to integrate. But the rest of their living room was too small in scale – the swivel chair, coffee table, side table, and area rug.

Furniture Selections:
  • I selected a larger low profile boucle swivel chair to lean into the ‘cozy’ vibes I wanted to achieve that would not block any of the view, even from sitting on the couch (client’s request).
  • I sourced a larger coffee table with a Burlwood finish which looks raw and natural, with soft edges to fit perfectly within the sectional.
  • I also sourced an absolutely perfect side table that had a black metal base (tying into the chandelier hardware), wood trim (wood theme throughout) and surprising bronze top which is our accessory metal.
  • We also brought in a larger area rug that was a cream and brown wool and extremely soft and plush underfoot.
  • The cherry on top was reupholstering their existing bench seats with my absolute new favourite plaid textile.

In terms of more permanent fixtures, their fireplace had a really unfortunate wood and metal mantle and grey metal hearth that had to go. I sourced a stunning Canadian raw wood mantle and we installed a black slate stone hearth to pull that modern black into the living room.

And last, but certainly not least, these really unique sconces! They are a formed cement with a curved profile, and candelabra bulb illuminating like a wall-torch. It doesn’t get more cozy than that.

Living Room Design Boards

Living Room After

Living Room Before

De Winton Estate Guest Bathroom Styling

My client renovated the guest bathroom before I was brought onto the project and did a fantastic job.

Seriously, all I had to focus on were the finishing touches:

  • New vanity light
  • New mirror
  • Cedar bench for shower
  • Towels, clothes, and floor mat,
  • Live plants

Guest Bathroom Design Board

Guest Bathroom After

De Winton Estate Primary Bedroom Design

No new furniture required for the primary bedroom, but we touched every surface!

First of all, I can’t open up this section without talking about the premium cork wallpaper we featured on the headboard wall and up onto the ceiling within the tray. It’s layered, natural, and raw, and it is exactly what this retreat needed.

We did a few furniture layout adjustments, added small furniture pieces to fill the gaps, and repurposed the original living room rug for a larger and more neutral aesthetic. We kept art to a minimum so the wallpaper held the spotlight, but I was excited for a special project custom framing my client’s wedding photo and invitation – an inspiration my client sent me from Instagram.

New motorized window treatments allow for light filtration and privacy while still keeping the room bright and joyful. And what better way to celebrate the light than new bedding and custom pillows for a hotel-like relaxing retreat, and lush real plants!

Primary Bedroom Design

Primary Bedroom After

Primary Bedroom Before

De Winton Estate Primary Ensuite Bath Design

This bathroom may be one of my favourites to date!

My client’s prefer neutrals (which you’ve probably picked up on) and so it was a big leap of faith for them to go along with me on this colour palette. Spoiler alert… They are SO GLAD they did.

This bathroom started out as a small cosmetic upgrade and evolved into a full gut-job.

What We Did

I selected hand-made organic subway tile for the walls, which we used as a tub surround, throughout the shower, and on the backsplash of the vanity. I paired this with large floor tile with warm veining which we also brought up onto the tub base and shower curb. My favourite part was the black pebble shower floor with black grout (note: Black grout is not always an option because of calcium in city water and leaves white residue. But in this rural acreage there is no calcium and so it will stay black longer)

I wanted the bathroom to feel fresh and clean, and so chrome became my metal of choice for the fixtures! The other way to bring freshness into a space is through greenery; And while I brought in a lovely little snake plant… the air plants in this unique glass-blown light fixture are really the stars!

Primary Ensuite Bath Design Board

Primary Ensuite Bath After

Primary Ensuite Bath Before

De Winton Estate Basement Entryway Design

Hidden gems! Niches and wall space are so often underutilized, and it’s my job to find them!

Do you have an empty niche that you walk right by every day, or stack your bulk boxes in? Do you ever wonder if it could be more? Well… Here is proof it can be!

What We Did

We took what was a recessed wall at the bottom of my client’s stairs, and gave it a purpose. This area is right inside the garage entrance which had a boot room, but needed an entryway to hug them when they entered the home. So many people have beautiful front entryways (like this one… especially now!), but come in through the garage 99% of the time. They don’t get to experience that grand entrance. So adding a beautiful entry off the garage allows them to have their own grand entrance on the daily.

We added an arch over the niche and added shiplap to the back wall with cast-iron railway nail coat hooks. We carried the shiplap into the mudroom and added more hooks (my client LOVES hooks), for cohesion and to show that this niche is an extension of the entryway.

Basement Entryway Design Boards

Basement Entryway After

Basement Entryway Before

De Winton Estate Basement Family Room Design

The basement was a side project. We knew that some of the things that could not stay upstairs would need to find a new home, and those items usually make their way to the basement. But I didn’t want the basement to feel like the land of lost furniture and so I was really intentional about the placement of the items and making sure to incorporate some new surprises.

You now know how I feel about big empty walls… and there was one opposite the basement family room leading down the hall to the laundry and girls rooms. How uninspiring it was!

What We Did

We brought down the brown swivel chair and side table from the living room and the lamp from the primary bedroom, and incorporated them into a little moment along that wall. To bring it to life I got oversized picture frames for a full-wall full-height gallery wall, which we filled with vintage farmhouse posters.

Through the rest of the basement we added new lighting, brought down art, and got a new pool cue rack so it didn’t feel forgotten.

Basement Family Room Inspiration Board

Basement Family Room After

De Winton Estate Laundry Room Design

Last but certainly not least… with 3 kids in a variety of sports including dirty barns… this laundry room gets a workout!

To start we added a bulkhead over the exposed piping and created a door to hide the vents (this door is not pictured but has a fold-down table for ironing and folding clothes)!

My client found this washer and dryer set she wanted. Do they not give you 80s vibes? I remember being a kid watching the top load washer swish back and forth while I held the safety button down. That vibe inspired the upgrade to this living room. I found an 80s metal light fixture and a funky brushstroke wallpaper that we wrapped all around. We also painted the ceiling a cool grey to match the wallpaper – which used to be yucky beige.

Full disclosure: This chandelier was a terrible pick. It was way too dark and funneled all the light downward, making the small windowless room feel like an interrogation room. So I found a really funky oversized light and bright chandelier that we swapped in.

We also had a professional organizer in and get all the bins and baskets and cleaners functionally stored.

Laundry Room Design Board

Laundry Room After

Laundry Room Before

The clients love it, I love it, and we all have so much to be proud of. I can still see my client’s cheek-to-cheek grin and hear her joyful squeal when I revealed this natural earthy interior design.