Hasta la vista 2020!

I am so incredibly glad to be over with that year – and I know I stand in the majority of those looking forward to 2021 and all the potential and beauty it will hold! Speaking of potential and beauty, let’s talk about the interior design trends at our doorstep! One of my favourite things to do at the beginning of each year is see what colours and styles are in and which designs will blow our minds when we incorporate them into our homes. Ready to see the 2021 design trends? Here are the interior trends you won’t want to miss out on to re-love your home now!

Colour Trends of 2021

If you are a lover of bright pops of colour like myself, then you will absolutely fall head over heels with the colour trends for this year! According to Benjamin Moore, PPG, and Behr, you can expect to see bright colour palettes including:

  • Bright teals/aquamarines
  • Pastel whites
  • Clay reds and oranges (aka ‘Potters Clay’ by Benjamin Moore, ‘Maple Gray’ by Behr, and ‘Big Cypress’ by PPG)
  • Rich plums
  • Gorgeous grays (Sherwin Williams states that ‘Urbane Bronze’ is the colour of the year!)

All of these colours compliment one another in a way that creates a calm and warming visual buffet that will feed your desire for comfort and creativity. The minimalistic whites and greys that have dominated our walls are soon to be replaced with colours that will make every room exciting to be in!

Furniture and Décor Trends of 2021

2021 is the time for colour AND texture!! Bright pops of colour brought in by décor can be expected, which also features plenty of unique textures and patterns. No more matchy-matchy furniture sets – combine pieces of different styles to create one coherent look (Time to keep your eye out for thrift pieces that can be upgraded and incorporated into your space)! Enhance your home with items that have imperfect and textured surfaces. Not sure what to add? Look for:

  • Indoor Plants of all Kinds
  • Ribbed Furniture
  • Victorian Antique Furniture
  • Light Woods
  • Retro/Nostalgic Pieces
  • Natural and Sustainable Elements

Also… Have you heard of the ‘grandmillennial’ trend? This upcoming popular 2021 design trend features a mixture of modern styles with antiques and heirlooms. Additions of decorative china, floral couches, embroidered wall-hangings and pillows, and other ‘granny chic’ items will be interspersed within the modern or Scandinavian styles we currently have. (Time to go ask Grandma if she is planning on getting rid of anything!)

2021 Trends Around the Globe

Want to know what other popular interior designs are being used in other parts of the world? Take a look at some of the 2021 design trends seen globally!

  • Designated Workspaces
  • Multi-Functional and Versatile Designs (specifically for the #WFH lifestyle)
  • Bright and Warm Colour Palettes
  • Indoor Plants
  • Sustainable Items
  • Corrugate, Bubbled, and Rippled Textures 
  • Pearlescent Items

Begin to inject these 2021 design trends into your home and watch your spaces transform! Need help incorporating these new trends into each room? Unshelf is here to help! With interior decorating experience, we will find the perfect balance to create a room for you that is Pinterest-worthy!