It seems that minimalism has been the hottest interior for the past handful of years, but that soon may change as more maximalism trends continue to grow in popularity. 

And, for the record, two maximalist design styles that totally deserve their flowers are Hollywood glam and Barbiecore.

These interior design styles both dial up the drama and luxury, but they paint their narratives with distinctly different brushes. One exudes the sultry allure of classic cinema, while the other showcases the punchy optimism of modern femininity.

Hollywood Glam Design

Picture Hollywood in its heyday. The glitz. The glamour. 

Hollywood Glam Living Room
Hollywood Glam Living Room

Hollywood glam became popular during Hollywood’s Golden Age in the 1930s and 1940s. It blends Art Deco elements with modern touches to bring that same razzle-dazzle into today’s homes.

Let’s break down Hollywood glam:

Luxurious Textures 

Hollywood glam is about feeling as good as it looks. Plush velvets and silky fabrics are pleasing to the eye and offer a layer of sophistication and an open invitation to touch, feel, and sink into comfort.

Classic Colour Palettes 

Hollywood Glam Bathroom
Hollywood Glam Bathroom

When it comes to colours, Hollywood glam keeps things simple. Blacks, whites, and greys are the go-to’s, with dark purple and green shades being popular accents to add depth to the room.

Statement Lighting

Forget subtle,  Hollywood glam lighting is meant to steal the spotlight. From big, sparkling chandeliers to sleek floor lamps, these pieces are added to make a statement.

Ornate Detailing

Details matter in Hollywood glam. Think patterned wallpapers for visual interest, tufted headboards that add a touch of drama, and metallic finishes that bring a little extra ‘oomph’ to the decor.

Hollywood glam is for those who love a bit of drama and aren’t afraid to show it. It’s a sophisticated, luxurious, and timeless ode to a classic era. 

Barbiecore Design

Where life in plastic is fantastic, and the decor is just as vivacious and cheeky as the iconic doll herself! 

Barbiecore Vanity
Barbiecore Vanity

With the reinvigoration of Barbie, it’s no surprise that Barbiecore is rising in popularity. This style is a pink parade in every shade from bubblegum to blush as it celebrates the femininity and fun that Barbie represents. 

Here’s what makes Barbiecore pop:

Vibrant Pinks & Pastel Hues

Think of the pinkest pink you can imagine, and then turn it up a notch. Barbiecore is pink-forward and accented with its pastel companions to keep the vibe sweet and chic.

Fun Textures & Patterns

Barbiecore is a playful mash-up of sequins, faux furs, and bold patterns that channel Barbie’s own romantic styles. From polka dots to zebra stripes, Barbiecore has fun with materials and pushes boundaries without being “too much”.

Modern Meets Retro Furnishings

Barbiecore Bathroom
Barbiecore Bathroom

Barbiecore elegantly blends modern lines with retro flair. Think sleek, contemporary pieces paired with throwbacks like a 60s-style bubble chair or a 70s-inspired shag rug. It’s a nod to the eras that Barbie has lived through.  

Feminine Touches

The feminine touches of this style make Barbiecore spaces feel personal and intimate. Adding flowers, ruffles, fluffy throw pillows, and anything that sparkles and shines is key to creating the flirty, bubbly vibes of this design. 

Barbiecore is an attitude as much as it is a fearless style. It’s for those who want their spaces to spark conversations, crack smiles, and maybe even inspire a little bit of that Barbie-can-do-anything spirit.

Hollywood Glam & Barbiecore Comparison

It’s pretty clear that both Hollywood glam and Barbiecore make an entrance. They share a love for the dramatics, a flair for the fabulous, and a style that’s anything but understated. But as much as they’re cut from the same bold cloth, they tailor to very different tastes.


  • Bold Design: Both styles are unafraid to make a splash, with interior choices that are meant to be seen and admired.
  • Striking Colour Schemes: Whether it’s the moody hues of Hollywood Glam or the playful pinks of Barbiecore, both styles pack a punch with colours that command attention.
  • Love for Statement Pieces: You won’t find shy accessories here. Both styles are all about those standout pieces that draw attention.
Hollywood Glam Office
Hollywood Glam Office


  • Inspiration from Different Eras: Hollywood Glam dips its toes into the luxurious nostalgia of the 20th century, while Barbiecore is a nod to the here-and-now of pop culture fun.
  • Divergent Colour Palettes: Hollywood Glam wraps itself in classic shades and metallics, whereas Barbiecore is painting the town in shades of pink and playful pastels.
  • Opposite Vibes: Hollywood Glam is sophisticated, full of elegance and allure, while Barbiecore is exciting, whimsical, and not taking itself too seriously.
Barbiecore Dining Room
Barbiecore Dining Room

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As we’ve seen, Hollywood glam and Barbiecore are two design styles that serve up their own brand of fabulousness, each with a distinct flavour and whimsy. Both are unapologetically expressive and crafted to transform any space into a statement of personal style.

Whether you’re channelling your inner movie star with Hollywood glam or embracing the joy of Barbiecore, there’s no wrong choice – just different expressions of what it means to live out loud and in colour.

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