Beginning a new interior decorating project is always exciting! The anticipation for all the updates, improvements, and shiny new (and thrifted vintage) items is enough to get my fingers tingling. But every great project requires even better planning – and we can’t get started without getting a CLEAR idea about who you are, the needs of your family, and what you are looking for! Understanding our client’s ideas and pain points is critical to truly create a home that they love and that works for them both visually and functionally. For this reason, we have a thorough questionnaire with very important questions we need to ask before starting your interior decorating project, and a detailed overview of how we begin the overall designing process! Here’s a peak.

About You(r Home)!

Before we begin, I need to know more about you – specifically YOU IN RELATION TO YOUR HOME! This is the place that means the most to you, where you have chosen to invest the most money, and the topic that has introduced us into this professional relationship at this specific time. Over and above the usual details (such as size of home, style of home, etc.), I will ask you questions like:

  • Who lives in the space?
  • What hobbies or activities often take place here?
  • How do wish this space could be used?
  • Is there anything rare and unique about the space?

Together we will clearly identify the who/what/where/when/why of the home before changing anything.

Designing Preferences

Just because I am an interior decorator doesn’t mean that my preferences are queen. Quite the opposite! This is your space, so I want to know specifically what YOU want to do with it! By this I mean, what are your design preferences? 

I have a detailed (with photo examples) list of different design preferences. You don’t need to be pigeon-holed into one – you can select as many as you feel describe you.

Do you like to cover every window sill and table with lush, green plants? Or do you prefer a simplistic clean and neutral style? Shabby chic or country? Contemporary or traditional? Not too sure what your design preference is? Find out which is yours here!

Color Preferences

Once we have your interior design style figured out, then we will figure out what colours you are drawn to, which ones you can’t stand, and which overall color palates will work best for your home. Neutrals? Pastels? Monochromatic? Classic? Or bright?

Upgrade Ideas

You have thoughts of how to make the space better and how it can be upgraded – cosmetic, minor upgrades, or major renovations – that is why you are hiring us. So, right at the start we will review your top upgrade ideas, identify some of the luxuries you would LOVE to add, and discuss how we can either make it a reality, or how we can create something similar within your budget! Knowing this is important to ensure that both you and I are on the exact same brainwave.


The final things I will ask you are the leftover housekeeping details that pull the project ideas together. The finalization questions I will ask are about your maximum budget and what you would feel comfortable spending on it. Afterwards, we will rate the importance of each priority to you (ex. budget, home comfort, speed of possession, quality, durability, and aesthetics) to gauge our primary focuses.

The questionnaire takes about 30 minutes to complete, and the more information you can provide the better.

Ready to get started on your next interior decorating project? Awesome!

Want to work as a team to accomplish your goals? Let’s do it!

Need to hand the project off to the professionals? I’m ready to start!

Send me a note and let’s start the conversation about how we can upgrade and inject soul into your space!