Throughout Unshelf Design’s journey, Business Link has been there to support and offer guidance. Their resources, advice, and network have been a big part in shaping the path of my business. 

So, when there was an opportunity to sit down with them for an interview, it felt like a full-circle moment. It was an honour to have such a thoughtful conversation with the team that has helped me so much. 

My interview with Business Link is featured as a Client Story on their website, and I highly recommend you give it a read! 

A New Chapter

Many of you might remember that I owned and ran a successful marketing agency for roughly a decade. It was a big part of my life but long story short, it stopped being fulfilling. After losing my mom (who was also my best friend and biggest cheerleader), and facing the challenges of COVID, I realized I needed a change. 

“I love creating homes that hug people.” – Sarah Kirkpatrick

What started as thrifting second hand decor and flipping my now-husband’s house turned into a flourishing business that combines my passions of giving no-longer-loved items new homes and bringing people joy through design.  

Why I Love Business Link

One of the first things I did before launching Unshelf Design was reach out to Business Link. They paired me with an amazing small business specialist, who helped me with market research to determine how I could best position myself in both the staging and interior design markets. 

Unshelf lookbook

“Starting a business is kind of scary, so having Business Link to support you through the Canada Digital Adoption Program really enables entrepreneurs to be able to have a website that is going to support them and help them be successful earlier on” – Sarah Kirkpatrick 

Business Link also helped me develop Unshelf’s design workshops. With support from the Canada Digital Adoption Program’s Grow Your Business Online Grant, I was able to create a user-friendly site for my interactive workshops that’s fully integrated with Eventbrite. 

Explore Unshelf’s wide selection of in-person and online interior design workshops!

unshelf library

Big thanks to Business Link for the interview and years of support. If you have questions about your small business, give them a shout!

Speaking of support, are you looking for help on your next design project? Contact Unshelf Design.