It was so great sitting down with Experientialist to talk all things Unshelf and Womanition!  

In this chat, we dive deep into my experience as a business owner and what it means to be a woman entrepreneur today. 

(I even share a few of my favourite easy DIY design tips.)

This interview is a quick 15 minutes, and you can check it out below right now.

If you’re looking for an even quicker recap, keep scrolling.  

I will be speaking at Womanition Biz Brigade on November 4th. Tickets are sold out but stay tuned for some sneak peeks!

How Was Unshelf Born?

If you’ve followed my journey creating Unshelf, then you already know that it started as a home staging company as a way to manage my thrifting addiction. 

sarah in design lab

Here’s a very brief reenactment of how it all began:

Scene: my basement, piled high with secondhand decor.

My husband (with a brave attempt at a calm voice): Honey, we either do something with all of this, or we get rid of it.

Me (with dramatic pause): I shall start… a home staging business!

*Cue triumphant music*

That scenario, paired with my natural entrepreneurial spirit and burning desire to work for myself, was the spark that ignited Unshelf. 

What’s Unshelf All About Now?

Over the years, Unshelf has evolved to offer a full breadth of interior design and occupied home staging services. We are all about helping you either:

  • fall back in love with your home or
  • sell it for more money faster by someone who will. 

“I just really like creating environments that people love” – Sarah Kirkpatrick

design lab

I love creating spaces that don’t just look good, but feel good – like a warm hug as soon as you walk in. For homeowners looking to sell, know that when buyers step in and feel that vibe, they totally get the lifestyle and often end up wanting the home so much, they might even pay a bit more. 

What Am I Most Proud of?

One of my proudest achievements is how big I was able to scale Unshelf in such a short amount of time. Included in that is the brick-and-mortar space I created, complete with a stunning design lab where I host monthly workshops and client consultations.  

“I believe that empowering people will always come back to you” – Sarah Kirkpatrick

I’m also endlessly honoured to have won numerous awards during the course of my business journey, including: 

Thanks so much to Experientialist and Womanition for the interview. Excited to see you all at the upcoming BizBrigade! If you missed last year, don’t worry, I uploaded my full talk about creating ‘positivity, productivity, and prosperity’ for your home office!

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Ready to re-love your home (or sell it for more faster)? Contact Unshelf today.