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I – like many others – like HomeSense decor. You can find a lot of trendy items that are often fairly inexpensive. 

BUT. Let’s be honest with ourselves…

The mass factory-produced decor found at these types of stores lacks personality and soul (and are not sustainable). And those that are more unique, are more expensive.

Thank goodness we have thrifting to fill that gap! 

Now more than ever, thrifting is becoming more popular as people look for ways to bring old-world charm into their homes. With thrifting, you can find items that have truly unique touches – features that you definitely won’t find in a homesense. 

So if you want to give your living space some love without making a trip to the HomeSense overlord, head over to your local thrift shop to pick up some amazing finds, or come visit us at Unshelf Boutique 🙂 

Benefits of Thrifted Decor

Ah, reasons why thrifted decor is the best – my favourite thing to talk about!

Cost Savings

Not only does thirfted decor add personality to your design, but you can find breathtaking pieces for a fraction of the cost compared to store-bought items. 

In fact, one of the best benefits of thrifted decor is its affordability – it’s seriously an amazing way to save money and still give your home a beautiful glow-up. Heck, some of the thrifted and second-hand decor we have in our own boutique are from HomeSense – so why pay full price?

Less money for more beautiful treasures? Sign me up. 

Adds Character to Your Design 

Another great benefit of thrifted decor is that you can find items with character and soul. 

Secondhand goods may be pre-loved, but they always bring new life to your home! 

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You’ll rarely find pieces with the same charm in stores, as thrifted decor comes with one-of-a-kind stories from times past. 

And, with thrifting becoming more popular, people are beginning to embrace older style trends such as vintage paintings and florals. So if you’re looking to give your home some personality and charm, thrifting is the way to go. 

Need more reasons why you should shop second-hand decor? We’ve got em’!

Designing with Thrifted Decor

One of my favourite design hacks is to use a mix of complementary old and new to create eye-catching blended aesthetics. I love the wide design variety that thrifting offers, but I also like using places like HomeSense to find great “filler” items to finish off the overall design of a home. 

For a distinctive look, I typically recommend using a ratio like this (shopping in this order):

  • Local retailers – 60% (always support local!)
  • Thrift store finds – 20% (uniqueness & charm) 
  • HomeSense – 20% (quick-buy convenience & trendy)

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With this combination of new and old decor, your interior will be original and full of character. 

Shopping for thrifted decor is an excellent way to upgrade your home with stylish and unique pieces – without having to be like everyone else in line at Homesense. You can find distinct, charming items and blend them with “filler” pieces to complete your design. 

Plus thrifting is FUN – you never know what treasures you’ll come across! 

Happy thrifting!

Want to give your no-longer-loved HomeSense decor (and all other modern, trendy, decor) a new home? Consign it with us!