If you’ve made the decision to move forward with a cosmetic design project, the task of budgeting for said project can be a daunting one. Deciding what dollar amount to allocate where, figuring out what quality of furniture and fixtures to go with, organizing estimates from tradespeople – oh me oh my, where do you even start?

Heck, you might not even know what you want yet, let alone how to budget for it! 

The just of it is, developing a design budget on your own is NOT easy.

How A Professional Can Help

Working with a design professional (ahem, over here! Hi.), can make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to developing a design budget. For one, they will ask you the right questions to identify your needs. Among these important questions are:

  • What is your design concept?
  • Do you like trends or classic design? Aka, how often do you like to change your design?
  • How long do you want your furniture to last? Aka, how much do you want to spend (quality = cost)?
  • What are you willing to spend now? What can you save for later?

Your design professional will evaluate your responses and let you know if your design spend is realistic for your desired design. They will also be able to offer a range of services to optimize your budget. 

What Can I Expect From Working With Unshelf?

We help clients construct design budgets regularly, so I’ve got you covered. Lucky you!

It probably goes without saying, but every design project is different. You might only be interested in making a cosmetic change to one aspect in one room (paint and wallpaper), or some custom elements (like custom built-in bookcases or wainscoting your living room – my favourite), or perhaps you are looking to give your whole house a facelift. 

Similarly, every design budget is different. Maybe you want to spend less on furniture so you can spend more on wall coverings, or vice versa. That’s why Unshelf Design creates a budget for you, mixing high and low-cost items based on quotes from our material reps and contractors. Here are some estimates to give you an idea: 

***Please note: The prices noted above are simply estimates intended to give you a general overview of material costs. Given that every project is unique, our pricing is not based on these numbers. The above numbers also do not include sourcing, freight, installation, or any additional hours related to design projects.

Wish you could download this blog for reference? Good news! The pricing sheet above and the design hours estimate sheets below can be downloaded through the button below. You will be redirected to the download page!

This range in pricepoint offers you valuable insight into what things actually cost, keeping your expectations realistic and allowing you to prioritize design elements.

Design hours, on the other hand, vary drastically depending on the size of the room and the number of elements in it. In fact, furniture selection can take almost as long or longer than a bathroom remodel because there are so many more vendors and styles to account for.

In addition to the budgeted-for services, many clients prefer us to be involved with procuring products and overseeing the project, which is why we have included a column for those time estimates as well. However, these are very rough estimates as they rely heavily on the smoothness of the project and what we may run into along the way.   

Establishing a design budget is the crucial first step in the design process, as it sets expectations and clearly outlines what you are comfortable with. Not only does working with a design professional make the budgeting process easier (we collect all the quotes for you as part of our design process), but it also means you have a partner to keep you on track and aligned within your financial parameters. 

Oh, and don’t forget… I can also get you industry discounts on quality products – yay!

Curious about how our process works? Check out more info about our 15 Step Project Management Process

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