Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Nikki Takahashi of Fetching Finn for an interview called “Make Money Doing What You Love” on the Square Peg Entrepreneur Podcast

It was such an honor to share my story (thanks Nikki 😊) – I had a blast chatting business and catching up!

You can listen to the full episode, “Make Money Doing What You Love” right now, but here’s a quick recap. 


Saying Goodbye to the Old… 

Most of you who know me NOW know me from my design company, Unshelf Design.

But, what many of you might not know is that I used to own and operate a digital marketing company called Jumping Elephant for 9 years. 

I worked so hard to build my marketing company, but after some time, I began to feel tremendously burnt out, which led me to no longer enjoying the work – my heart just wasn’t in it anymore. 

“If I got an email, what would that email say that would make me happy?”

Unshelf Design's Sarah

So, 9 years and 1 global pandemic later, I decided to close Jumping Elephant’s doors – cliche COVID pivot anyone?!

I didn’t want to bail on my existing clients and risk burning bridges, so in order to close out projects respectfully, I decided to ease out of my business slowly while simultaneously transitioning into my new venture. 

It. Was. HARD. To say the least… 

But it was oh so worth it. 

… and Hello to the New

After completing all of my interior decorating courses (and a couple of house flips!), Unshelf Design was born. 

This company is EVERYTHING to me. 

“Branding space really feeds my marketing soul”

I now have the freedom to create a menu of offerings that mix my passion for decor and extensive marketing experience, like my Airbnb Design service.

(My Styled Vignettes and consigned, secondhand bundles feeds my thrifting and garage sale obsession too, lol).

What’s Coming Up?


candles with custom wallpaper

Unshelf is moving into a retail space! 

Unshelf Boutique will be located in the Center On Eighth building off of Blackfoot, right next to the ‘Inside Avenue Antique Mall, and will exclusively house designer(me)-curated thrifted and consigned home goods.

I like to think of it as “Secondhand Home Sense”.

We welcome any and all consignors, so come consign with us!

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If you can’t tell by this interview, I am a wholehearted believer in the mantra “make money doing what you love”.

So, for those looking to make a drastic change… 

Find out what you love and find a way to money doing it!

Be sure to check out all of my design and staging services and while you’re there, drop me a line!